Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The starchy stuff.

“Aquawhatta? Aquafaba”, said the America Test Kitchen.

I have a cholesterol problem and statins give me joint pain. My lipids are 225 mg and 4.4 is (<5 chol="" hdl="" i="" it="" know="" ratio="" s="" span="" squeaker.="" the="" this.="" yes="">

I’m a quasi-vegetarian. I like fish and chicken and the tuna and salmon steaks just takes a minute; a little bit of olive oil, Dijon mustard and garlic. Or, canned albacore and canned salmon. And lots beans, veggies and fruit.

Aquafaba is shaking the unopened can of chickpeas and drain well, the starchy stuff. It is binder for (but not really) eggs, baked goods and mayonnaise. It foams up well with (almost) egg whites, too. Here’s a tip from the freezer…the liquid bean cubes in 1-tablespoon portions (ice cubes), or frozen baggies for solid cubes and nuke them in the microwave. Pop the chickpeas in the freezer for another day. Use mason jars.

I watch a lot of PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), specifically, America Test Kitchen, “Vegan for Everybody”. Chock full of recipes, easy recipes. $22 bucks.