Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The starchy stuff.

“Aquawhatta? Aquafaba”, said the America Test Kitchen.

I have a cholesterol problem and statins give me joint pain. My lipids are 225 mg and 4.4 is (<5 chol="" hdl="" i="" it="" know="" ratio="" s="" span="" squeaker.="" the="" this.="" yes="">

I’m a quasi-vegetarian. I like fish and chicken and the tuna and salmon steaks just takes a minute; a little bit of olive oil, Dijon mustard and garlic. Or, canned albacore and canned salmon. And lots beans, veggies and fruit.

Aquafaba is shaking the unopened can of chickpeas and drain well, the starchy stuff. It is binder for (but not really) eggs, baked goods and mayonnaise. It foams up well with (almost) egg whites, too. Here’s a tip from the freezer…the liquid bean cubes in 1-tablespoon portions (ice cubes), or frozen baggies for solid cubes and nuke them in the microwave. Pop the chickpeas in the freezer for another day. Use mason jars.

I watch a lot of PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), specifically, America Test Kitchen, “Vegan for Everybody”. Chock full of recipes, easy recipes. $22 bucks. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy....

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy....

I use a government cell phone, Tracfone and SafeLink. It’s a free phone. My phone works but, it’s disconnected. The computer voice said call 911. The calls on my phone, ingoing and outgoing calls; it’s not working. It’s dead. It’s in limbo. Well, that’s just wonderful.

I have aphasia. Words fail me. I have a script for the cellphone in my folder for the plumber, the lawn guy, the Culligan man…you get the picture. The dictionary and Thesaurus are a lifesaver.

The cellphone is disconnected. I go to the internet message center for SafeLink, explained the situation. I typed “I use a government cellphone. It’s a free phone. My phone works but, it’s disconnected. Help me, please. I used the proof of documentation for SafeLink,” said the script.

Oh, I get it. Long story short, numerous swear-words, email pixels, ID numbers and exhausting brain-freeze, all this work for naught. SafeLink is correct. The message center woman explained their annual income and monthly income below is minimum.

Late September, Fiat Chrysler Motors has retirement fund for retirees. I’m 69 in August. It’s substantial and I can breathe again.

Meanwhile, I ordered the Consumer Cellular. Before the cellphone, missed calls, abysmal apps (or no apps) and general disorder. I need a new phone.

I’m waiting for UPS. CC has a transfer phone for SafeLink. Once your phone arrives you should activate online. Here’s a plus, your number will automatically transfer on 04/01/17 if you have not already finished the process. That’s handy.

I’ll think I’ll wait for the first of April. No more Robo calls. It’s peaceful. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017's a bikini fest!

It's a bikini fest.

Harold, my neighbor, comes with the mail frequently, blustery winds, snow and wind. I’m not gonna do it. Brr.

“Swimsuits!” said Harold.

Swimsuits? There, Kate Upton, a necklace of beads and everything; a Sports Illustrated bikini fest. Postmarked upside down, Mickie Roller, arcane language for SI numbers, letters and address. I worry about the internet. It’s out there, lurking.

I played detective for the internet and SI appeared. Got the account number for the postmark and voila. There it is. My name, address and a Pennsylvania zip code. Well, where’s the cancellation? There, nested among the “revoke” terms, I entered-returned…but wait.

There’s pop-up screen. M2 Media Group (probably subscriptions) for cancellation; call this number. I called. There’s tuneful, melodious (prerecorded), lady stated the first issues are free. Sucker you in, perhaps? Then, the lady presents an address, if you want to cancel. Numbers and letters are bad news, really bad news. I get confused for 17 years. Regroup.

I found the internet M2 Media Group, found the cancellation, found the account number and stopped the product, all by myself. “Submit” and done. Whew.

I’m overwhelmed and flooded. I keep going.Two or three years ago, I had a sea change. I’m calmer now. Reasoning and understanding. My little brain is fried, though.

Oh, by the way, never subscribed to anything for magazines. 

Big Brother is watching you.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Internet Bank Statement

I looked at my internet bank statement every blessed day, and there’s a charge on my statement  to the tune of $162.47 for Dish Network One T. You know, TV? I have no cable, but I miss CNN. The antenna works well.

I had a stroke and words fail me. I’m a little aphasic and I have crib notes; a script. “I’m Mickie Roller. I had a stroke. I need help with my internet debit.” I ordered NOTHING. I talked to Dish numerous times. The Dish guy, Roderick, couldn’t be nicer. He had questions for the address and have you ever had Dish (No.). Bottom line, the charge was dropped.

I called PNC Bank, explained the situation and the charges were dismissed. All bases covered.

Meanwhile, what about the debit card? Yes, there’s nefarious people. Just to be safe, I ordered the debit.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Burt Lancaster!

I switched the remote to the TV bedroom and “The Rainmaker” was on. No, Matt Damon, the REAL rainmaker, with Burt Lancaster, Katherine Hepburn and (you remember “Sea Hunt”) Lloyd Bridges,1956. What a wonderful flick!

Burt Lancaster, for four years, he couldn’t speak at all after the stroke, a “speechless invalid,” said Kirk Douglas, in “My Stroke of Luck”. Kirk Douglas had a stroke, too.

Surprise! Me too.

Monday, February 6, 2017

All I want is a tuna sandwich.

I massacred it.

I want a tuna sandwich.  That’s sounds sensible.

Albacore tuna, chopped dill, small clove of minced onion, salt and pepper, soup├žon Dijon mustard, all good. Well, wrong.

My left hand does everything, from mouthwash, mail, dinner with the dogs, and blowing my hair with one hand. The right hand is DOA, it just sits there. Actually, there’s movement there; the ball works well, exercise-wise. But, alas, my right arm is stiff.

The StarKist brand takes 12 oz. of tuna. Mighty big. The Hamilton Beach can opener for lefties (or, righties) is hard. “Open cans of all types and sizes effortlessly,” it boasts. Not tuna. Maybe it’s the mechanism, maybe it’s the cut and cutting lever. After all, I’m leftie. Sometimes, my little brain is staticky, short-circuit as it were. I’m livid.

The junk drawer is a can opener, I reason. The knob and grip handles takes two hands.

Much swearing. I rooted around of a G.I. can opener with one hand. Secure the tuna with my left foot and balance the weight with one hand. The cans are sharp. Nada.

Finally, the bottle opener. Little shards of metal shavings are not good. In the garbage can it goes. Perfectly good tuna, too. 

Plan B.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tomatoes, potatoes, kiwi...Oh my!

My caregiver, Anita, shows up once a month for shopping. Case in point, what IS the point? I shop online.

WalMart, Amazon Prime, LL Bean, Indigo Wild (goat’s soap and so much more), Yankee Candle, Wholey Fish Market in Pittsburgh; just a click. I looked online and Farmbox Direct is ideal. Organic produce, fruits and veggies, fresh things; I live myself and threw out stuff, old stuff, rancid stuff in the refrigerator. Yuck.

FD, two times a week, 2 potatoes, two tomatoes, a bunch of kale and carrots, grapefruit, navel oranges and kiwi. Apples, too. The list goes on. It’s pricey, but what’s alternative? It’s garden crisp.

Just so you know, I couldn’t speak and walk, completely aphasic, confined to a wheel chair in five hospitals for seven months,17 years ago. I didn’t know my name in ’99. 

I don’t have a car now. THAT’S ironic. I worked at Volkswagen Manufacturing and Fiat Chrysler Motors.