Sunday, March 26, 2017

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy....

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy....

I use a government cell phone, Tracfone and SafeLink. It’s a free phone. My phone works but, it’s disconnected. The computer voice said call 911. The calls on my phone, ingoing and outgoing calls; it’s not working. It’s dead. It’s in limbo. Well, that’s just wonderful.

I have aphasia. Words fail me. I have a script for the cellphone in my folder for the plumber, the lawn guy, the Culligan man…you get the picture. The dictionary and Thesaurus are a lifesaver.

The cellphone is disconnected. I go to the internet message center for SafeLink, explained the situation. I typed “I use a government cellphone. It’s a free phone. My phone works but, it’s disconnected. Help me, please. I used the proof of documentation for SafeLink,” said the script.

Oh, I get it. Long story short, numerous swear-words, email pixels, ID numbers and exhausting brain-freeze, all this work for naught. SafeLink is correct. The message center woman explained their annual income and monthly income below is minimum.

Late September, Fiat Chrysler Motors has retirement fund for retirees. I’m 69 in August. It’s substantial and I can breathe again.

Meanwhile, I ordered the Consumer Cellular. Before the cellphone, missed calls, abysmal apps (or no apps) and general disorder. I need a new phone.

I’m waiting for UPS. CC has a transfer phone for SafeLink. Once your phone arrives you should activate online. Here’s a plus, your number will automatically transfer on 04/01/17 if you have not already finished the process. That’s handy.

I’ll think I’ll wait for the first of April. No more Robo calls. It’s peaceful. 

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