Friday, March 3, 2017

Internet Bank Statement

I looked at my internet bank statement every blessed day, and there’s a charge on my statement  to the tune of $162.47 for Dish Network One T. You know, TV? I have no cable, but I miss CNN. The antenna works well.

I had a stroke and words fail me. I’m a little aphasic and I have crib notes; a script. “I’m Mickie Roller. I had a stroke. I need help with my internet debit.” I ordered NOTHING. I talked to Dish numerous times. The Dish guy, Roderick, couldn’t be nicer. He had questions for the address and have you ever had Dish (No.). Bottom line, the charge was dropped.

I called PNC Bank, explained the situation and the charges were dismissed. All bases covered.

Meanwhile, what about the debit card? Yes, there’s nefarious people. Just to be safe, I ordered the debit.

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